Fumfy is a social event creation and management app. It allows creation of events such as ‘Dinner Party’, ‘Meet For Lunch’ or ‘Night Out’, and sending these events to Guests via SMS Text.

​To create an Event, Select or set an Event Title, Add a location using a Google Maps location (powered by Google), set a date/time for the Event, add a Message/Description and select Guests from your contacts. Then hit Send.

Manage the event from within Fumfy. Guests who have Fumfy can send a Fumfy message to set their attendance (Yes, No, Maybe) along with a message. To manage non-Fumfy guests, manually toggle their attendance from within Fumfy.

Also send Fumfy ‘Where Are You?’ A Contact with Fumfy can reply with their location or not as the case may be. If they did not know you had the Fumfy app they will now.

​PLEASE NOTE: Android v4.4 (KitKat) and above--***Super Duper Messaging Manager is required*** Fumfy uses SMS features that requires Android v4.4+ devices to install an additional app in order for it to function  Android 4.4+ devices allow only (1) default SMS app.  Please install Super Duper Message Manager  on your device and set it as your "Default" SMS app.  This will allow for multiple SMS feature apps on your device, and Super Duper Messaging Manager will manage and enhance the texting experience.